Beauty SOS: How To Care For Damaged Nails

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“My nails have been really brittle and flaky recently, and they’re always breaking. What can I do?”

I’ve been having this problem too, and it’s not fun. In my case I am pretty sure it has something to do with constantly painting, stripping and repainting my nails – I’ve noticed a definite decrease in their health since nail art came on the scene.

But what can you do? If it’s that bad, give up the polish for a while and swap it for a nail strengthener. Dr LeWinns Renunail (£17.85), a 25-day treatment where you build up layers of the Calcium and Camphor-enriched formula, is touted by many as a weak nail saviour, but a shorter term fix is Sally Hansen’s Miracle Cure Problem Nail Strengthener (£9.95), which promises 50% stronger nails in three days.

If you can’t bear to bare your nails though, a good base coat is a start. I am definitely guilty of not using this enough, and not only does it create a good foundation for your colour, it also helps to create a barrier between it and the nail. Essie All In One Base (£8.99) is a great one if you’ve been experiencing some nail health issues – it’s a base, stengthener and top coat, as is A&E base coat from Nails inc (£12), which helps to nourish weak and brittle nails. Cuticle oil can always make a big differance – try this almond one from The Body Shop (£7).

Apart from that, diet can affect the health of your nails too. Biotin is a vitamin that is very responsible for keeping nails strong, and chipping and flaking could be signs of a deficiency. Peanuts, almonds, Swiss chard, goat’s milk, yogurt, tomatoes, and eggs all contain biotin, so make sure you get some of those in your diet. You might also want to try a supplement, like Skin, Hair and Nails from Holland and Barretts (£9.99), which has a high amount of biotin, plus a load more nail-loving ingrediants.

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