Could You, Would You: Maarten van der Horst for Topshop’s Hawaiian Prints

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Could You, Would You: Hawaiian Prints

At time of press, London is in the grip of what can only be described as Not Spring. Naturally, my mind wanders to Spring – Frae, florals and specifically, a new trend which is currently dominating the high street in spades: Hawaiian, and one which I am prepared to try out for your viewing pleasure.
Now some of you may remember Hawaiian prints being a thing in 2003 at Junya Watanabe and Miu Miu. Or at least in posh parts of Devon and films starring Kate Bosworth. Others, wisely, may have looked away. Well bad news if you did because they’re back, in a serious, sub-tropical way.

Could You, Would You: Maarten van der Horst for Topshop's Hawaiian PrintsCould You, Would You: Maarten van der Horst for Topshop's Hawaiian Prints


First things first – where? Well since French designer Joseph Altuzarra littered the best part of his latest collection with some jaunty orchid prints, everywhere – think palm prints at M&S, faded sunsets at Oasis, pastel florals at Preen, cartoon-style at DKNY, all over her totes at Stella McCartney or just damn properly at Maarten van der Horst for Topshop.

The young, Brick-Lane-based wunderkind recently presented a seven-heavy, capsule collection for the high street and the press went beserk, naturally. I did too. In the picture, I’m wearing the blazer (£140), the shorts (£60) and the crop top (£30) and I mean just look at them?!
The rest of us, however, stalled. Why? Four densely printed pieces and three pink undergarments, that are affordable, eccentric and wonderfully, wonderfully un-British – not exactly accessible are they?

Well I beg to differ. The key is wearing them properly. First, and perhaps as my expression suggests, with a keen sense of irony – like it or loathe it the print is witty, no? Then, if the prints match, probably not together. The key to Maarten’s collection is that the prints don’t. Rather, they semi-clash which is why, when teamed with something chipper and feminine like a bright pink top, the look works. Elsewhere no flats, no shouty accessories, and spring heels are a must – note the fabric is dense, almost embossed, much like a black-out curtain, so this is definitely a spring look not a summer one. Then the rest is up to you. Although if you’re not feeling brave, we won’t reprimand you for only wearing one at a time. (I will though, you wuss).

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