Craig Lawrence On His V&A Show and Favourite TOWIE Star: EXCLUSIVE

Craig Lawrence fitting a model for his V&A show

Craig Lawrence fitting a model for his V&A show

Super talented knitwear designer, Craig Lawrence is the latest subject of the V&A Museum’s rather marvellous Fashion in Motion series, the catwalk show where models parade in a variety of looks creating a retrospective of that designer’s career. Craig was one of the stars of his year at Central Saint Martins and has gone from strength to strength, creating Gareth Pugh’s knitwear, winning NEWGEN sponsorship, and knitting wonders for the likes of Bjork, Lady Gaga, and more recently, Jessie J and Daisy Lowe and Rita Ora. Whooo! We sneaked into his atelier where a million assistants were busily knitting away, models were being fitted for looks and makeup and hair tested to ask Craig what we can expect at the Fashion In Motion show tomorrow.

Grazia Daily: Hello Craig! Are you excited about the show? How did you get involved with it?

Craig Lawrence: The V&A approached me to do it. Of course I’m excited – it’s a brilliant honour.  The plan is to show a few looks from each season I’ve done. Just the strongest, boldest few looks from each collection. It’s the highlights, basically. I remember when I went to the Gareth Pugh Fashion in Motion show years ago. It was absolutely amazing and I’m really excited about seeing my work in that amazing venue – the Raphael Gallery in the V&A. You just couldn’t ask for a nicer showcase really.

an assistant working on a dummy in Craig Lawrence studio

GD: Sounds brilliant! Did you have all the pieces carefully stored away to dust down for the show?  

CL: No not at all! I’d lost loads of things and forgotten where I put loads of others. It was really worrying. My mum and Dad’s loft was one area. Then there were pieces I’d lent to friends to wear at festivals that I’d never got back and had to chase down. One of Bjork’s assistant’s friends had had one under her bed for years. That wasn’t Bjork’s fault I have to say, I’d forgotten to collect it. The rest of the looks we’ve had to re-make.

model fitting for Craig Lawrence show

model fitting for Craig Lawrence show

GD: Have you started looking after your samples a bit better these days?

CL: Yes. Nowadays we bag everything up with the show notes and relevant paperwork and archive and store it properly.

GD: How has your summer been going? Do you get to have a break at all?

CL: A break? No. I kind of have a break in April or May but by this time of the year we are already well into the collection for SS13. The cool things we’ve been doing was going to Zagreb Fashion Week and doing a show there. That was amazing and like a mini holiday too – we got to get a bit of sunshine which was lovely.

Craig Lawrence Inspiration Station

What is this area called, Craig? The inspiration station.

GD: And finally, What TV have you been watching recently, and have you managed to meet any of your reality TV heroes yet?

CL: Well, I’ve got quite into that 24 hours in A&E. That’s good. And obviously lots of RuPaul’s Drag Race. And no, I haven’t met anyone from TOWIE, although if I could, my favourite one is Gemma Collins. I am a bit shy, and also I wouldn’t want to meet them unless I was prepared – it’d be rude not to have a spray tan and gelled back hair – the full works.

If you would like to go and see Craig’s Fashion in Motion show tomorrow, check for tickets at the V&A. There are three shows throughout the day.

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