Gallery: Rita Ora Steals Gwen Stefani’s Style!!!

Everyone has one fashion icon who perennially influences their dress sense – and for most of us this styl-spiration was formed during teenhood. So we weren’t surprised to hear that 21 year old Rita Ora takes her style notes from No Doubt front woman Gwen Stefani. The popstrel told ASOS magazine, “I always thought she [Gwen Stefani] was so cool. I think I’m man enough to admit she made me want to wear red lipstick. When I saw it on her, I thought she was the prettiest person in the world.”

And on closer inspection is does indeed seem clear that the young Ora has been influenced by the platinum haired style icon – who just happens to be double Rita’s age.  But rather than channeling Stefani’s Tragic Kingdom days – 90s grunge accessorized with a bindi – Ora’s reference point is Stefani’s solo era, which is hardly surprising since she turned 13 in the same year that L.A.M.B (Gwen’s debut solo effort) was released. From the beenies and bling look Gwen rocked in the video for Hollaback Girl to her signature leopard print and Hollywood waved hair, Rita’s style cues are easy to trace.

However, there are clear differences between the two styles. Where Gwen is meticulous about her roots, never showing more than a few millimeters of non-platinum, Rita’s heavy rock and roll roots are central to her beauty look. While Gwen worked that rocker girl style so beloved by Avril Levigne, you’ll never see Rita wear a cargo pant. So is Rita the Gwen Stefani of 2012? We say if you’d seen No Doubt’s brand new video for their single Settle Down you’d agree there’s space for two such amazing woman in musicland.

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