Get the Look: Nicki Minaj’s Beez in The Trap Leopard Catsuit

Soooo many of you wrote in asking about the jumpsuit Nicki Minaj wore in her Beez in The Trap video:

Dani wrote, “I usually don’t like anything Nicki wears, but I am loving this catsuit. Do you think you can find out who made it & where I get it (or one similar to it)?”

Of course Shatonia wrote in, saying, “Hey I love the catsuit she’s wearing. Where can I get it?”

I hesitated to answer this simply because I think something like this should only be worn in a video-some styles don’t need to translate to the streets (just my humble opinion). But hey, I’m not your mom and it’s a free country, so…yeah. At any rate, this $ 35 ‘Good Call’ jumpsuit from spandex laden website, “Great Glam” has the same silhouette and a banded back:

Just no leopard print. It seems GoJane might’ve had Nicki’s jumpsuit (if you squint, you can see it in this pic), but it is no longer available.

At any rate, get all your video vixen needs at
If you’ve yet to see the video, check it out here (warning explicit lyrics):

*Just for fun, do you think outfits like these should be worn in the streets or kept on the stage?

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