Happy 20th Birthday Karlie Kloss! Here’s 20 Reasons Why We LOVE You…

My, how she’s grown! The All-American poster girl, Anna Wintour favourite and supermodern supermodel Karlie Kloss celebrates her 20th birthday today. Yes, 20. How old do we feel? Very. Because since her catwalk debut in spring 2008 this leg-a-licious babe has notched up a full 53 pages worth of catwalk appearances on Style.com (and that’s a lot), launched more high profile campaigns than we can shake a Louboutin at and even been linked to Leonardo Dicaprio (which is secret industry code for being the very TOP of the modelling pile). So in honour of her continued and multiplying fabulosity, we’ve collated 20 reasons why out of a generation of gifted girls, KK’s trajectory has been so marvellous and why we’re still so fascinated four years later…

1. The walk! A catwalk strut like no other. Or is it? Over the years the walk has increased in ferocity, so now there’s something of the Naomi Campbells about her hip-popping-thigh-thrusting-serious-face runway stalking…. She makes all other models look like they’re strolling round Sainsburys.

2. She is a classically trained ballerina. Which would explain the walk.

3. Mega-photographer and Showstudio.com founder Nick Knight is OBSESSed with her. The video he directed in celebration of London Fashion Week in February showed Karlie’s uninhibited moelling ability, while  the pair’s recent couture shoot for W magazine showcases her ballerina skills once more.

4. The Eddie Redmayne rumours. Could you think of a more beautiful couple? Her legs, his freckles. Divine.

5. That despite such a killer body she eats COOKIES. Like the rest of us (kind of). Kloss brought a batch of homemade cookies to the set of a Neiman Marcus shoot and all crew members loved her for it.

6. She wore Dior to her school prom. Not like the rest of us. And apparently towered over her date. Bless!

7. Her first photo-shoot was aged 14! FOURTEEN!

8. The most recent edition of US Vogue sees Karlie posing alongside Grazia’s latest Olympian crush, Ryan Lochte, and a series of other super-sculpted sportsmen. Jeals doesn’t cover it!

9. That for her 20th birthday she’s booked a holiday for her entire family to visit their homeland, Denmark. ‘On the flight to Denmark with my WHOLE family! All the Klosses on one airplane should be illegal. Yikes.’ She tweeted earlier today.

10. She’s a Victoria’s Secret girl and has worn many a pair of wings. Including the bizarre disco pair in the gallery above.

11. We like that she doesn’t dress all crazy. Her off duty style is laid back and basic, with denim shorts, blazers and simple shirts – all-American, see? And she loves buying socks!

12. Squeaky cleaness. We don’t think we’ve ever heard anything bad about her. Aside from the video shoot entitled ‘F*** Me’ for Showstudio’s recent Fashion Fetish project. Ruth Hogen, Nick Knight’s fashion film protégé, called upon his favourite model for the raunchy task!

13. The furore surrounding Vogue Italia’s nude shoot! It was Karlie’s first fully nude fashion shoot and the magazine’s editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani declared that KK was ‘the new body’. Move over The Body Elle McPherson.

14. She’s bezzies with Jourdan Dunn. Just imagine the pulling power those two would have on a night out. Like Power Rangers but with beauty.

15. @karliekloss Tweets personal pics, and we can’t help but duly ogle.

16. Her ultra-sweet puppy Joe. He always makes her smile.

17. Her beauty secret isn’t some fancy schmanzy uber-expensive deep sea rarity, it’s Pond’s Cold Cream. As in the very retro and very basic product all the ladies use in Mad Men!

18. She is American Designer Jason Wu’s ‘lucky show closer’. Which means she’s had the finale spot at four of his shows!

19. That as a school girl/model she had to do her algebra homework behind the scenes at the shows! We like a swot, we do.

20. And finally, we adore that KK has set up a charity. It’s called Karlie Cares (she didn’t do a Kardashian double ‘K’ unfortunately) and it’s a platform for her to highlight various causes she’s passionate about.

Gorgeous, fun and giving, Karlie – WE LOVE YOU!

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