HATWALK is here! And even Lord Nelson has a new hat!

Lock & Co Hatters hat on Nelson

If you live in London and have to pass through Trafalgar Square, or various other sites around the capital – you may have noticed something a tiny bit different about a few of the statues this Monday morning!

After a year of planning, the day of the big reveal is finally here! And the biggest challenge of all the hats-on-statues; Lord Admiral Nelson atop his 52m column – requiring one of only two cranes in the whole country tall enough to reach it – is up! His hat was created by Lock & Co Hatters, a British millinery brand who have been making hats since the time of Nelson himself, impressive don’t you agree?

Other hats in the capital include creations by Stephen Jones, and Phillip Treacy, the curators of the HATWALK itself. Both of these can be found in Trafalgar Square alongside a magnificent creation by Sophie Beale, winner of Grazia’s Hat Factor millinery competition and many others around London from avant-garde hatter and wig-maker, Charlie Le Mindu for Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Scottish Milliner William Chambers for his country’s national poet, Robert Burns. 

For more information on ALL the milliners, the statues, and where to find them all, check out graziadaily.co.uk/hatwalk

OR visit the BT House in Hyde Park in London

If you have passed any of the be-hatted monuments this morning, tweet us your photos! @grazia_live including #hatwalk 

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