Jennifer Lopez’s T-shirt Website Launches Giving You The Chance To Vote On Your Favourite Designs

A good, well-fitting t-shirt is hard to come by so wouldn’t it be great if you had a say in the selection of products on offer? Jennifer Lopez certainly thinks so! Grazia Daily reported last month that the actress-turned-singer-turned-fashion entrepreneur is working on a new website,, where customers can vote on their favourite t-shirt designs which will then go into production.

Well the site’s now live so whether you’re a shopper or a designer it’s time to explore! Signing up is free and you can login via facebook. Designers are given the chance to submit their t-shirts which are then considered by a team of curators (headed up by Jennifer herself). After the panel have whittled down a shortlist the decision is up to the consumer. You can vote on designs as well as shop a range of premium basics which are on sale on the site.

Each day there is a different theme – today it’s ‘Horseplay’ – and you can choose between four designs. Your vote can make a difference to the designer as the winner goes on to become a limited-edition t-shirt. It certainly adds a more exciting element to online shopping.


As you can see in the gallery above, Jennifer has long been a fan of the humble t-shirt. She says of her casual off-duty style: ‘I live in T-shirts when I’m not doing the red carpet. I love the sexy, casual feel and the way a good T-shirt makes you feel cool. It’s like you’re not trying too hard’.

While the is the brainchild of ShoeDazzle founders MJ Eng and Brian Lee and apparel manufacturers Erica Zohar and Jeff Marine, Jennifer is a principle in the company and obviously loves her curatorial role: ‘Anything creative always piques my interest. This is a different type of online experience where you get to be involved in which designs get made. And it gives us a beeline to what people really like.’

What do you think of Will you be voting for your favourite designs?

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