Juno Temple Talks Karl Lagerfeld and Designing Lingerie: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Juno Temple On Designing Lingerie and Karl Lagerfeld's Poet-Perfect Designs: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

When Grazia Daily popped to Selfridges this week to meet the almighty Karl Lagerfeld, where the designer was launching his latest collections, it wasn’t just a chat about the perfection of Romeo Beckham and the wonders of Choupette that we were treated to. At the after-party, we also grabbed a chat with Juno Temple, THE hottest actress on the Hollywood block. With Olsen-esque wavy hair, a cheeky grin and nonchalant attitude, we were struck by Juno’s super-cool indie style and you know what? The 22-year-old is one of the sweetest people, squealing ‘how ARE you?’ when we introduced ourselves. Oh, and did you know Miss Temple has aspirations to be an undie designer? And she likes to channel Marilyn Monroe? Nope, us neither. Read on for more from this fascinating rising star…

Grazia Daily: Tell us about working with Matthew McConaughey in Killer Joe.

Juno Temple: He’s an angel. Honestly, he’s one of my favourite people I’ve ever worked with. He was very kind with me because I had some pretty nerve wracking moments.

G: Some of the scenes were pretty intense!

JT: It was definitely intense, but I feel, intense is good. You know, we’re making a movie, I want to do intense stuff. And what I love about the movie is that it makes you laugh, it makes you uncomfortable, it makes you disgusted, it makes you happy.

G: It certainly stays with you.

JT: It’s important. I want to be part of movies that make people think and break norms. And that’s what’s so brilliant about [director] William Friedkin, he made this movie and he’s putting it out there exactly like he wants it to be and I love him for that.

G: Let’s talk about fashion. You into it?

JT: Hugely. I want to design lingerie.

G: Lingerie? Why?

JT: It’s about how women feel, the most powerful things on the planet. If you wear great lingerie, you can take over the world.

G: So is it a Marilyn Monroe vibe?

JT: Marilyn is a big idol of mine. I’m short but I’ve definitely got myself some curves.

G: Apparently 15% of women channel Marilyn in some form…

JT: I do like to wear Chanel No. 5 too.

Juno Temple On Designing Lingerie and Karl Lagerfeld's Poet-Perfect Designs: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

G: And what are your thoughts on Karl Lagerfeld?

JT: Extraordinary. He just makes clothes that make you feel like an individual, you know? They make you feel like you can walk into a room and you can own it. His clothes don’t wear you, you pick them and you wear them. I’m wearing entirely his designs right now and how fabulous is this outfit? I feel like a poet!

G: How long are you in town for?

JT: Forty-eight hours.

G: Where are you off to next?

JT: I’m going to LA to start shooting a movie. It’ll be fantastic, but that’s all I can say for now.

And with that, she was gone. Yep, that Juno Temple sure is an intriguing one.

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