LOOK At Keira Knightley’s I’m-In-Love Fashion Makeover! Cue: Awww…

There are lots of things Keira Knightley is famed for – her acting skills, that surprise football-kicking talent, her breath-taking beauty which lights up silver screens and  Chanel campaigns alike, and for just being, well, despite all of the A-list-ness, a pretty regular gal. We all know she can do a killer red carpet look, but the thing is, we’ve never really looked to Keira for is fashion tips on a daily basis – she’s admitted a complete disinterest in fashion in the past, but now she’s looking mighty fine.

Since Knightley’s engagement to The Klaxons’ keyboard player James Righton earlier this year, she a.) hasn’t stopped smiling and b.) suddenly has a much happier wardrobe to boot! We can only imagine what the handsome chap is doing to keep that Cheshire Cat grin going strong or to keep Keira in such pretty frocks, but we like that it’s occuring. It could even been down to the film, Can A Song Save Your Life?, that Keira is currently filming over in New York. Her guitar-strumming character looks feminine, carefree and a bit boho, and you know how dedicated these serious method actors can be….

Once upon a time the Brit actress would only wear ankle boots, jeans and a Del Boy-style coat, now there’s a cheery selection of prints, Chanel bags and sandals suitable for romantic strolling. Just look at the major AWWWWWW selection Keira fashion snaps in the gallery above and try not to let your face crack a wee smile.

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