Nails of the Week: dripped tip nail art

opi_drip_nails.JPGDetailed nail art is always cool, but who has time to sit for hours trying to craft perfect tiny hearts or leopard spots? Not me anyway – plus unless I take ages I always make a mess of it.

This is why I favour a more casual approach to my nails (when I’m the one doing them, that is) and thus my drip-tipped nails were born. I was kind of inspired by melting ice cream [insert complaint about rubbish June weather here], but I wanted some edgier colours than girly pink or white.

So I went for two OPI colours: the teal Fly (£11), from the Nicki Minaj collection and the grey blue micro shimmer I Have A Herring Problem (£11) from the Holland collection. Two coats of Fly made the base coat, and the for the tips, I just loaded up the brush and let a few drops trickle down the nail.

I used the brush to drag down the polish in places so there was a proper melting, running effect. At the last minute I added some sparkle in the form of Topshop Nails in Ice Crush (£6) over the tips. Considering there’s no top coat, these have lasted pretty well (although note that you can’t see my other hand).

Do you think you’ll be giving it a go? If you do, make sure you tweet us a picture at @kissandmakeup!

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