Sneak Peek At Rock Vault’s Capsule Jewellery Collection At London Fashion Week

The style-savvy know that accessories maketh the outfit, and that you can rarely go wrong with a bit of bling. And by ‘bling’ we actually mean exquisitely designed jewellery such as those featured in the latest collection by Rock Vault.

Brought together by the British Fashion Council, the initiative sees three of the year’s bright stars in jewellery design – Jordan Askill, Fernando Jorge and Hannah Martin – create capsule collections in palladium.

The three designers, who will showcase their designs at Somerset House during London Fashion Week, have created some beautifully intricate pieces, harnessing the strength and lightness of the precious metal. We personally covet Fernando Jorge’s ‘Adonis Blue’ earrings, inspired by the British male butterfly and the idea of aesthetic re-birth. Check out the gallery to see more of their striking designs and scroll down for our exclusive interviews with the designers…

Hannah Martin

Grazia Daily: How did you approach The Palladium project?

Hannah Martin: Having worked in Palladium in the past I tried to build on my experience of how the metal works, and create designs that suit this. I was concentrating on lightness and strength, two very important qualities of the metal, and wanted to create pieces that had volume but were light. It was also really important to me to create a piece of couture level fine jewellery that included stones, to show that palladium really can sit alongside gold as a viable metal in fine jewellery design.

Grazia Daily: Tell us about your design.

Hannah Martin: When I was working on the concept for this capsule collection I was looking at structures and forms that incorporated lightness and strength. I took inspiration from the illustrations of Ernst Haeckel, the architecture of Santiago Calatravo and the images taken of the body builder Lisa Lyon by Robert Mapplethorpe in the early 80’s. I wanted to capture the erotic and seductive strength of his images with the natural cell structures shown in the Haeckel illustrations. The colour palette is the cool white grey of palladium with the green of emeralds and some detailing in black rhodium and black diamonds.

Grazia Daily: What would you say is your biggest success to date?

Hannah Martin: This is an impossibly hard question! I would say our biggest success is managing a business and growing it for the last 5 and a half years and still being here today. The luxury industry is a tough world to exist in, so having staying power within it is something I am very proud of.

Grazia Daily: What’s next for Hannah Martin?

At the moment we are working hard on launching HM Leather and HM Show – our new small leather goods line and fashion jewellery line. You will be seeing a lot more of these in future months. I have also just completed a couture collection using purely white diamonds, which is launching this year. This includes some important, larger stones – which is a really exciting for me. The new collection of fine jewellery from the brand is also launching early next year entitled ‘Delirium’ – I don’t want to give the game away but I am very excited to be working with some incredible emeralds and other brilliantly coloured stones as well as enamel.

Grazia Daily: How did you approach the palladium project?

Jordan Askill: Creating a piece that used strength, color, texturing and malleable properties to illustrate this rare bird. Giving both the metal and the macaw another dimension that can also be at one with the wearer. I always spend time creating the shape my object is going to be. In this instance we focused time on using the qualities of palladium to make the piece unique.

Grazia Daily: Tell us about your design.

Jordan Askill: The design represents the idea of being encompassed be this rare majestic bird the “Lear’s Macaw” – a figure that we could use as one with palladium.
We wanted to use an exotic creature that we had not worked with before and had been introduced to us and had movement that we could capture in time. One that was strong, beautiful, majestic and has the ability to fly, be light and to be aware of what “is”.

Fernando Jorge  

Grazia Daily: Tell us about your design.

Fernando Jorge: My designs carry the essential elements of my work and represent the qualities of Palladium – lightness and strength. As a representation of the aesthetic re-birth, I referred to the butterfly – a traditional motif in fine jewellery – and brought it into a contemporary British context. I looked at a British male butterfly called ‘Adonis Blue’ and used a mineral exclusively found in the UK called ‘Blue John’. The contrasting ideas lightness and strength are shown in the interaction between Palladium and the stones and in the edgy style of the pieces.

Grazia Daily: What would you say is your biggest success to date?

Fernando Jorge: The achievements are consistently getting bigger and hopefully there are many more to come.

Grazia Daily: What’s next for Fernando Jorge?

Fernando Jorge: Continuing in my venture to produce high quality and desirable jewellery pieces, to represent my ideals and my culture and hopefully to further establish my work internationally.

by Stephanie Soh

Grazia Fashion

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