TV Series Wardrobe: Gabrielle Union’s Being Mary Jane

TV series… As much as I’d like to speak against watching television, I can’t on that account. TV Series have become, over the past two years, somewhat of an addiction. The plots have evolved and the characters have depth and substance, there’s something like a mini-movie in every tv series. And after all these years, you’d think the wheel has already been invented and all has been played when it comes to scenarios. But no. Faaar from it!

One of the least talked about topics is Oprah’s winning streak: women of color and their life. Their real life. Which is just like everybody else’s except nobody really talks about it!

So I’m proud to be a part of this ‘Being Mary Jane’ project. It’s a new TV series talking about the life of a black woman who has a job and a family premiering tonight on BET! Gabrielle Union’s character’s career is all about being in a public’s eye as she’s a TV show host and so her fashion is something you’d want to watch. Below some guidelines to help you nail that style!

tv series fashion Being Mary Jane Gabrielle Union


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