UPDATE: Ice T’s Wife Coco Austin Could Barely Contain Her ‘Assets’ On a Jersey Beach In A Size Zero String Bikini

“Heyyyy Settle down”

Call it public nudity or however you want to call it but Rapper/Actor Ice T’s wife glamour model Coco Austin could barely contain her assets as she paraded semi nude on a Jersey beach in a sub zero size zebra printed bikini. The reality star who goes by the real name Nicole Natalie Marrow of TV show  ‘Ice loves Coco‘ struggled to perfect the signature Baywatch run. Mission Impossible! How could she, when there was so much going on? With a book in hand, English bulldogs, an XL chest, and the infamous curves we’ve come to associate with her a little turn or tilt could have spell trouble for the mom. With cameras everywhere to capture that moment it could have been a ‘popping’ and ‘spilling’ situation.

New Photo Update:

In just released photos COCO Austin is seen posing on a rock  with her English bull dogs.  At one point she started reading and was distracted by her doggy.

First Published on the 6/6/2012

Luckily husband Ice T was there to handle her. A little peck was enough to bring order and composure to the situation.

June 12 will be their 11th year as a married couple. As you can see..love is still strong.

She went on to do a teaser for the cameras

 Photos courtesy: Jeff Reyner/Coleman-Rayner

Written by: JeanClaude COCO

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