Victoria Beckham Hints That The Spice Girls Will Reunite For The London Olympics 2012!

Sound the could this be the most exciting thing to happen ever klaxon now please because it looks like Victoria Beckham *may* have agreed that it would be the most amazing idea for the Spice Girls to perform at the Olympics Closing ceremony in August. SCREAM (and breath!).

In a radio interview given yesterday the Posh one said when asked about the possibility of the girls reforming for a special performance, ‘I would love nothing more. It would be great. I don’t know about a comeback tour but I loved being back with the girls. If they’re up for something, then I certainly am.’ Yep, it’s true she said it, we’ve pretty much got our platform shoes and Union Jack dresses on already.

This is seemingly a bit of a turn-around for VB who just last month was seen looking a little glum at the launch of new musical Viva Forever (which we’re also tres excited about). However, friends did suggest at the time that she was just a little tired after jetting in for just a few hours to attend the event – maybe they were right! And whilst nothing’s been confirmed (or denied) yet we will be keeping every part of our bodies crossed that this might actually go ahead. Sporty, Baby, Ginger, Scary, you’re all up for it yeah?

Take a scroll through the gallery above to see 10 of our favourite Spice Girls on-stage moments and start placing your bets now on whether we’ll see more mega platforms, neon leopard print, glitzy corsets and THAT Union Jack dress…

by Olivia Foster

Grazia Fashion

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