Watch Alexa Chung, Marc Jacobs And Laetitia Casta Speak At Louis Vuitton’s Art Of Travel Celebration In Shanghai

Louis Vuitton opened in Shanghai just a few weeks ago, but the city has already held a huge LV party! Marc Jacobs, Alexa Chung, Laetita Casta and Poppy Delevigne all attended the Vuitton Art Of Travel Celebration to mark 20 years of stores in China.

This video of the event features Alexa Chung in a snakeprint khaki beret, Poppy Delevigne with a soft up-do and plum lip and Laetitia Casta with a gorgeous smoky eye; each of them talking about the amazing show they got to see (and that there are sneak peaks of in the video).

The stars got to experience the arrival of the Vuitton Express steam train carrying a hoard of models (plus porters carrying their LV luggage obv) in a fashion show similar to one in Paris.

The models wore retro inspired dresses and coats, with large jeweled buttons. Colours range from classic camels to fun glitter pinks. Accessories include patent booties and soft silk top hats.

The 50’s vibes of the catwalk show were balanced with light shows projected on to the city’s buildings.

Marc Jacobs said: “It seems like everyone really enjoyed it. I feel like I received a great gift tonight!”

Check out the event for yourself in the video below.

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