We Saw Charlotte Gainsbourg LIVE in London Last Night!

Last night we got a chance to gawp live at one of our current favourite style icons: model/actress/singer Charlotte Gainsbourg, who was in London to play an outdoor gig at LFW base Somerset House.

While the rest of us mere mortals were sweating it out in the humidity yesterday, La Gainsbourg appeared on stage fresh-as-a daisy-in white rubber skinny jeans and a matching sheer tuxedo shirt, plus zip up black ankle boots with a large pearl in each heel [we’re going to guess the Balenciaga model/muse was staying brand loyal, unless anyone can correct us?].

With her pale, fresh face and long fringed hair, she totally resembled her mother style icon Jane Birkin, even if last night she was arguably channelling her late father, France’s much-revered singer-song-writer Serge Gainsbourg.

Perhaps predictably, the crowd was brilliantly over-dressed: we spotted a squillion pound Burberry python biker jacket, red snakeskin jeans with studded Converse, ludicrous amounts of Isabel Marant and trench after trench after trench. Everyone was digging the Frenchy cool.

You might have heard Gainsbourg’s biggest hit, Heaven Can Wait, which was produced by Beck. The rest of her current album Stage Whisper shifts from breathy ballads to more upbeat folksiness. Last night she played tour-collaborator Connan Mockasin’s breakout song Dolphin Love, Got to Let Go by Noah and The Whale’s Charlie Fink and a wicked cover of David Bowie’s Ashes To Ashes. She also played the drums. Oh yeah, the girl is achingly hip.

A huge part of Charlotte’s charm is that she sings in a frankly outrageous cut-glass English accent (presumably learned from Birkin) which makes her sound like a dolly bird from a 1960’s Beatles movie, despite being born and bred in Paris. But last night she was also sexily chanson-ing a couple of numbers in French, including the super-breathy Jamais, and ‘my first song I ever sang at 14 with my father’ (and non; it wasn’t their infamous globally-banned Lemon Incest duet).

At times, Gainsbourg’s chilled Parisian cool clashed with the London brashness; amongst the predictable male (and female) declarations of love and proposals of marriage, there was also a new voice in the crowd, “Char-lotte! Are your shoes Mar-gie-la ?” (we swear it wasn’t us). Beware: fashion bloggers are everywhere.

You can watch the videos below to see Mademoiselle Gainsbourg in action.

Meanwhile, Grazia Daily will be spending the rest of the day speaking in Charlotte’s o-ver-e-nun-ci-a-ted English accent. We love.

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