You’re Doing It Wrong: Removing Your Nail Polish

Cutex Cotton Ball Holder

Sure, it sounds silly. How is it even possible to remove your polish incorrectly? We thought the same thing until we discovered the most amazing invention ever (aside from this $ 7 Sephora tool): a cotton ball holder from Cutex that allows you to use polish remover without screwing up your other nails. (Good for touch-ups, pedicures or doing your friends’ nails.) How many times have you tried to remove polish from a single nail or off of your toes, but instead fu*cked up your mani? We’ve done it way too many times and it’s the worst. Luckily, this tiny new red hat-looking object has come to the polish remover rescue:

As tiny as it is, this little gadget works some serious mani magic. It allows you to conveniently remove polish without harming your manicure–and without drenching your hands in the smelly stuff. All you have to do is stick a cotton ball with remover in the cup, and voila. Verdict: the Cutex Cotton Ball Holder ($ 2.49) is life changing and worth every penny (249 pennies to be exact). Now why didn’t we think of that?

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